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Today is: International Waffle Day - The News-Messenger

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International Waffle Day is observed astir the satellite but is astir prominently celebrated successful Sweden, the state wherever it started and wherever it is simply known arsenic Waffle Day. It takes spot connected the aforesaid time arsenic the Feast of Annunciation, a vacation that celebrates Jesus' conception, which occurs 9 months before Christmas.

In the Swedish language, Vårfrudagen means "Our Lady Day," different sanction for the Feast of Annunciation. It sounds akin to Våffeldagen, which means "Waffle Day." International Waffle Day got its commencement aft the Swedes started calling the Feast of Annunciation "Waffle Day" and started eating waffles to celebrate. The time past dispersed to different countries.

Source: checkiday.com

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