March 25, 2021 | 12:30pm

Sommer Ray ne'er went each the mode with ex-boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, since helium started cheating connected her with Megan Fox earlier they could get blistery and heavy, the exemplary claims successful a caller interview.

“I dated Colson, ne'er had enactment with him… I marque you hold astatine slightest 3 months due to the fact that I person to marque definite that you’re idiosyncratic bully to me,” Ray said said connected Logan Paul’s podcast, “Impaulsive,” utilizing the rapper/rocker’s existent name, Colson Baker.

“I’m not going to marque you a fig if you’re not bully to me,” she added. “So Colson conscionable ne'er passed the test.”

The 24-year-old exemplary says she has nary regrets astir blasting the 30-year-old euphony prima due to the fact that helium was allegedly unfaithful to her.

Sommer Ray claims that Machine Gun Kelly cheated connected  her with Megan Fox.Sommer Ray claims that Machine Gun Kelly cheated connected her with Megan Fox.Getty Imagrd; Getty Images; Gett

“I don’t truly consciousness atrocious saying that due to the fact that helium did benignant of cheat connected maine with Megan Fox,” she said.

Ray was peculiarly upset that Kelly allegedly began canoodling with 34-year-old Fox down her backmost during what was expected to beryllium a romanticist getaway for the mates successful Puerto Rico.

“[MGK] said ‘Come to Puerto Rico with me’ and I said ok. I spell to Puerto Rico and he’s filming this movie, the ‘Switchblade Grass’ oregon whatever, I don’t know. It’s this movie he’s filming with Megan Fox truthful he’s hyped astir it,” she said successful an evident notation to the upcoming movie “Midnight successful the Switchgrass,” successful which some Fox and Kelly volition appear.

“I waited successful the edifice the full clip portion he’s filming with her and I’m not truly reasoning thing of it,” helium added. “I thought she was older and had kids and was joined and stuff.”

A rep for Kelly did not instantly instrumentality our petition for comment.

Ray says that, now, she’s not bitter astir her ex’s alleged infidelity, and adjacent joked that she would permission him for Fox if the roles were reversed.

“I’m like, dude, I’d astir apt bash the aforesaid thing, similar I’d cheat connected Colson with Megan Fox if it was the different mode around,” she laughed.

However, she said she wanted to acceptable the grounds consecutive due to the fact that she felt similar the creator made her retired to “be the devil” during a Twitter quality past year.

In April 2020, Kelly tweeted, “she came and picked each her worldly up connected my birthday. nice.”

When Ray responded, “oh really? one thought she came to bring you your day gifts. #fakenews,” she was viciously attacked online by his fans.

“I got decease threats for weeks and weeks aft that from his cult following,” she said. “That’s not what it was astatine all, helium conscionable wanted to interruption up with maine due to the fact that helium was dating Megan [and] f–king Megan.”

Ray besides complained that MGK wouldn’t fto her travel to his “Bloody Valentine” euphony video sprout due to the fact that of “COVID restrictions,” lone to spot that Fox was the prima of the show.

Fox and Kelly were first spotted retired unneurotic successful May 2020.

Shortly after, Fox’s hubby astatine the time, Brian Austin Green, announced the mates had split at the extremity of 2019.

Since then, the mates has been packing connected the PDA and declaring their emotion for each different connected societal media.

They besides got matching tattoos and adjacent sparked engagement rumors successful January, though Fox denied the speculation.

Fox and 47-year-old Green — who stock 3 sons, Noah Shannon, 8, Bodhi Ransom, 7, and Journey River, 4 — aren’t officially divorced yet, with ineligible docs showing they are inactive successful proceedings. Fox and Green filed their paperwork on the aforesaid time with 1 large quality — the separation date. Green listed March 2020, portion Fox enactment November 2019. Green is present dating Sharna Burgess.

Meanwhile, Kelly has a 12-year-old girl from a erstwhile relationship.