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Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker Go Goth For 'A Girl Like You' Cover in 'Paradise City' Trailer - Billboard

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A director's enactment connected the preview explains, "For kids that turn up with 1 parent, you tin spell connected 1 of 2 paths: You tin blasted the world, your parents, blasted God, blasted deficiency of God, oregon it tin airy a occurrence nether you that you're gonna marque it nary substance what. Paradise City is the amusement made to animate these millions of teenagers and young adults. It reminds america that determination is nary airy without darkness, that sorrow and heartbreak tin beryllium the top drivers of art. It reminds america that determination is ever hope, that you are ne'er unsocial and that euphony is ever determination if you fto it be."

Creator/director Ash Avildsen explains that astir everything successful the amusement was inspired by existent events helium experienced increasing up successful a azygous ma household successful which helium was estranged from his father, Rocky manager John Avildsen. "Supernatural elements that person guided and misguided my beingness ever since moving to Los Angeles are besides prevalent passim the tale," helium says.

Watch the preview featuring "A Girl Like You" below.

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