July 23, 2021 | 7:46pm

Shots fired.

Machine Gun Kelly appears to person shaded his caller movie, “Midnight successful the Switchgrass,” aft skipping retired connected the film’s premiere earlier this week.

“if one don’t speech oregon tweet astir a movie i’m hardly successful it’s due to the fact that it’s [trash emoji],” the “Love Race” vocalist tweeted Friday amid the rollout for the film, which got a bleak 14 percent standing connected Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie, which was directed by Randall Emmett, stars Bruce Willis and Megan Fox arsenic 2 FBI agents whose probe of a sex-trafficking ringing leads them to a run-in with a serial killer.

But MGK did look from “Switchgrass” with 1 bully thing: his now-girlfriend Fox.

“I didn’t cognize what [love] was until maine and her made oculus contact,” helium told Howard Stern successful September 2020. “That’s erstwhile I was like, ‘Whoa.’”

Kelly, 31, besides confessed helium would hold connected his trailer steps successful hopes of seeing Fox and making said oculus contact.

Since getting together, the “twin flames” person been over the apical with some their PDA and red carpet fashion.

Fox, 35, besides didn’t be the Los Angeles premiere of the movie earlier this week, telling Variety successful a statement, “Due to the caller California disguise mandate and emergence of COVID cases, Megan Fox volition nary longer beryllium attending the premiere tonight.”

Fox’s lack appeared to catch the oculus of Emmett’s fiancée, “Vanderpump Rules” prima Lala Kent, who posted a photograph from the lawsuit successful which she stood covering Fox’s face, penning “So excited for this!” implicit it.

Kent denied immoderate sick volition to USA Today, saying, “My parent took the representation of a peculiar infinitesimal successful my fiancé’s life. In nary mode was it meant to shadiness anyone. I similar Megan; she has been thing but benignant to me. I’m grateful she supported Randall successful his directorial debut. I’m precise arrogant of them both.”

Reps for Kelly and Emmett did not instantly instrumentality our petition for comment.