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Machine Gun Kelly Reveals the Truth About His Shaved Head and Fans Have Thoughts - NBC New York

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Things person been getting hairy aft Machine Gun Kelly dropped his latest euphony video.

On Wednesday, Aug. 11, the 31-year-old rocker released the video for "papercuts," the archetypal azygous from his forthcoming medium "Born With Horns." The time prior, MGK had teased the merchandise by posting an representation of himself with a ample tattoo connected his shaved head, but the caller video revealed helium was really wearing a bald headdress and inactive retained his signature blonde locks.

After helium shared the video to societal media, fans responded with plentifulness of praise for the rock-forward dependable but were besides understandably amazed to recognize helium had pulled a accelerated one.

"So helium ne'er shaved his hairsbreadth disconnected past lol? We each got baited hard," 1 instrumentality tweeted. Another follower wrote, "We knew you didn't chopped your f------ hairsbreadth [skull emoji]."

A antithetic idiosyncratic posted astir the video, "iconic arsenic ever [I emotion you and sparkling bosom emojis]." They added that they mightiness person said "oh convey god" astatine seeing Kelly region his bald cap.

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Kelly decidedly did his champion to instrumentality fans with the bald-head tease, which was portion of a promotional propulsion for the video directed by Cole Bennett. "i shaved my caput for this @_ColeBennett_ 'papercuts' time 9pm," the instrumentalist wrote connected Aug. 10.

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Even astatine that time, immoderate fans were rightly skeptical astir the expected hairstyle change, with 1 protagonist replying, "don't prevarication we cognize it's a bald cap."

On Monday, the prima posted footage to Instagram of himself and predominant collaborator Travis Barker showing disconnected matching "Born With Horns" tattoos connected their forearms. "'born with horns' the album," MGK captioned it astatine the time. "we're backmost for circular two..."

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