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Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox's relationship timeline, from Brian Austin Green split to UFC double date - USA TODAY

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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are the personage mates that broke the internet.

It seems the 2 spell viral every clip they marque a nationalist appearance, give a associated interview or post a gushing Instagram caption. 

"Achingly Beautiful Boy... My bosom is yours," Fox, 34, wrote alongside a selfie of her with Kelly (real name: Colson Baker, 30) implicit the summertime erstwhile they debuted their relationship. 

Here's a usher connected everything you request to cognize astir their relationship, from Fox splitting from hubby Brian Austin Green astir a twelvemonth ago, to her and Kelly's caller treble day nighttime with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. 

March 2021: Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker join for a treble date

Double day night! Kelly and Fox were joined by world prima Kourtney Kardashian and Kelly's collaborator Travis Barker successful the VIP conception of March 27 UFC 260 lucifer successful Las Vegas. Per Barker's Instagram story, helium and Kelly aboriginal jammed unneurotic onstage astatine a adjacent venue. 

February 2021: Kelly, Fox observe Valentine's Day with a... bloody twist

Most couples spell with roses oregon chocolates, but Kelly and Fox had a antithetic attack to their archetypal Valentine's Day together: Kelly revealed connected Instagram helium carries immoderate of Fox's humor successful a necklace

"i deterioration your humor astir my neck," wrote Kelly alongside an Instagram gallery that included emojis specified arsenic a reddish rose, a humor driblet and a knife. "My bloody valentine," helium added.

The assemblage included never-before-seen photos of the mates and a photograph of a solid vial with what appeared to beryllium a driblet of humor hanging from a tiny chain. 

Fox wrote her ain Valentine's tribute to her boyfriend, calling the instrumentalist "magical and haunted, kinetic and tortured, ethereal and dangerous, cosmic, lawless, eternal" and a "creative genius" successful a societal media post. 

"there goes my heart, manifest extracurricular of my body, draped successful the towering silhouette of a astir unusually handsome boy," she wrote. "the travel volition apt beryllium perilous, but determination is nary destination without him." 

November 2020: Fox, Kelly marque their reddish carpet debut unneurotic astatine American Music Awards

An important milestone successful each celebrated couple's relationship: their archetypal reddish carpet quality together. 

Fox and Kelly appeared arm-in-arm astatine the American Music Awards reddish carpet on Nov. 22 before Kelly went connected to execute a medley of "Bloody Valentine" and "My Ex's Best Friend," joined by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. 

Kelly's woman introduced him onstage, waxing poetic astir however the satellite has been  nether his "spell" since his euphony debut successful 2012.

 "Once successful a lifetime, magic tin happen," she said. 

November 2020: Fox reportedly files for divorcement from Green

Days aft the American Music Awards appearance, Fox officially filed for divorcement from Green, whom she divided from months prior, according to tribunal documents obtained by E! News and TMZ.

In January 2021, Green went connected to go Instagram authoritative with "Dancing With The Stars" pro Sharna Burgess.

The 35-year-old ballroom dancer, posted a photograph kissing Green, captioned  "𝘏 𝘐 𝘔 💋"

September 2020: Fox appears connected Kelly's caller album

Kelly's popular punk album "Tickets To My Downfall" featured a cameo from his girlfriend. On "Banyan Tree," she asks "Do you, like, retrieve the worldly that you bash with me?" 

"Yes," Kelly insists. 

"OK, I don't cognize due to the fact that you're truthful precocious or, like, you get truly drunk truthful I don't cognize if you retrieve it," Fox continues.

"Of people I do," Kelly says. "I cherish it."

May 2020: Fox appears successful a Machine Gun Kelly music video, goes Instagram official

Rumors astir the 2 dating were lone fueled erstwhile Fox showed up successful the euphony video for Kelly's azygous "Bloody Valentine." The video opened with a sultry Fox laying successful furniture adjacent to the rapper and mouthing the words to the opus portion helium is tied up with pinkish duct portion implicit his mouth.

Soon after, the 2 went nationalist with their relationship, spending the summertime gushing connected Instagram and successful interviews astir their "instant connection." 

"waited for eternity to find you again..." Kelly wrote connected Instagram July 28. 

More: Megan Fox believes she and Machine Gun Kelly are 'two halves of the aforesaid soul'

In their archetypal associated interview, Fox said she knew she and Kelly were meant to beryllium erstwhile she learned helium was hired arsenic her "Midnight successful the Switchgrass" co-star. 

"I was like, 'Who is going to play this role?' And (director Randall Emmett) was like, 'Oh, we conscionable got Machine Gun Kelly,' and immediately, I was like, 'Uh-oh,' " Fox said successful the July 22 occurrence of the podcast "Give Them Lala … With Randall." 

"I conscionable felt it, like, heavy successful my psyche – that thing was going to travel from that."

May 2020: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green denote their split

The "Beverly Hills, 90210" star, 47, confirmed helium and his woman of astir 10 years had divided connected his podcast  “…With Brian Austin Green," successful a May 18 episode titled “Context.”

The actor said the mates became much distant when Fox was moving retired of the state for astir 5 weeks shooting a movie past year. He explained that since the extremity of 2019, they had been spending much clip apart.

"Neither 1 of america did thing to each other," helium said. "She's ever been honorable with me. I've ever been honorable with her. We've had an astonishing relationship."

Green and Fox met successful 2004 erstwhile Green guest-starred connected the bid "Hope & Faith" erstwhile Fox was 18 and helium was 30. They became engaged successful 2006 but broke it disconnected earlier yet marrying successful June 2010.

They initially divided successful 2015, with Fox citing “irreconcilable differences” arsenic the crushed for separation successful her divorcement filing. But aft Fox became large with their now-4-year-old lad Journey, the mates reconciled. They stock 2 different children: Noah, 8, and Bodhi, 7. 

“I volition ever emotion her,” Green added on his podcast. “And I cognize she volition ever emotion maine and I cognize arsenic acold arsenic a family, what we person built is truly chill and truly special.” He said the erstwhile mates volition “still bash household vacations and holidays arsenic a household and truly marque that a absorption for the kids.”

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