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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox snuggle up during a wild night out in Las Vegas - Daily Mail

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By Sam Joseph Semon For Dailymail.com

Published: 21:32 BST, 31 March 2021 | Updated: 22:02 BST, 31 March 2021

The caller mates has not shied distant from cameras erstwhile it comes to nationalist displays of affection. 

And it seems that rapper Machine Gun Kelly and his girlfriend, Megan Fox, are inactive going beardown arsenic a pair.

On Tuesday night, the instrumentalist made respective posts to his Instagram Story from what appeared to beryllium a chaotic nighttime retired with the movie prima and his pals arsenic they each posed unneurotic for aggregate photos.

Wild night: On Tuesday evening, Machine Gun Kelly shared a selfie helium had taken with his woman Megan Fox during their shared travel to Las Vegas

In 1 of Kelly's posts, helium could beryllium seen partially covering his look portion his 34-year-old woman stood down him portion doing the same.

The performer's agleam greenish hairsbreadth stood retired from the neutral grey code of his shirt, and helium besides prominently wore a ringing featuring the rubric of his latest album, Tickets To My Downfall. 

In different selfie, the 30-year-old rapper was pictured flashing a motion of the horns portion helium was surrounded by a radical of friends who had been partying with him during the chaotic nighttime out.

Kelly made a constituent of tagging that helium had been cutting escaped astatine the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, located conscionable extracurricular of Las Vegas, during his getaway.

Better with friends: The rapper besides posted a photograph showing him being surrounded by a radical of pals that had been partying with him during the nighttime out

Prior to sharing the selfie, the instrumentalist shared a video that had been taken successful a reflector arsenic helium tried connected a lime greenish garment with an unusually fitting hood.

He wore the nonfiction of covering underneath a achromatic zip-up overgarment with aggregate acheronian patches placed crossed its beforehand and sleeves and gave a comic look to the camera earlier the video's end.

The singer's antecedently dyed hairsbreadth had been bleached blonde for the shot, and helium gave his fans a person look astatine his caller colour successful a selfie shared to his relationship aboriginal successful the evening.

Kelly remained topless for the photograph and gave his 7.9 cardinal followers a person look astatine the tattoos helium had connected the precocious information of his thorax and little neck.

In the snap, the rapper made a constituent of expressing that helium was the 'blonde don.'

Interesting choice: Prior to posting the radical selfies, Kelly took a video of himself trying connected a lime greenish hoodie with an antithetic precocious portion

Changing things up: Although his mint greenish hairsbreadth was prominently featured successful 2 of his photos, the vocalist besides shared a fewer snaps to amusement that helium had returned his locks to their erstwhile blonde shade

Kelly and Fox person been successful Las Vegas since Sunday, erstwhile they attended the highly-anticipated UFC 260 event, which took spot past Saturday night.

Also contiguous astatine the lucifer were Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, whom the rapper and his caller woman were connected a treble day with.

During the event, the Transformers histrion stayed comfy underneath a dual-tone longline overgarment portion spending clip with her caller beau.

The rapper kept it casual arsenic helium wore a long-sleeve t-shirt that featured a heavy cervix that placed galore of his awesome tattoos connected afloat display. 

Kelly and Fox began dating past May aft gathering connected the acceptable of the upcoming transgression thriller film Midnight successful the Switchgrass. 

Big night: The mates was spotted attending Saturday evening's UFC 260 event, wherever they spent clip with Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian

Prior to becoming opening a narration with the musician, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles histrion was joined to Beverly Hills, 90210 prima Brian Austin Green.

The erstwhile mates became engaged successful 2006 and welcomed 3 children unneurotic aft tying the knot 4 years aft Green archetypal popped the question.

Fox separated from her estranged hubby not agelong aft gathering the instrumentalist and filed for divorcement successful November of past year.

That aforesaid month, she spoke to Nylon and told the work astir what she felt aft gathering her now-boyfriend for the archetypal time.

'I looked into his eyes [and] I felt the astir pristine, astir gentle, astir axenic spirit. My bosom shattered immediately,' she recalled. 

Feeling good: Last November, Fox spoke to Nylon and described her caller fellow arsenic the 'most pristine, astir gentle, astir axenic spirit'

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