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Jessica Simpson Says She Admires Britney Spears' 'Strength' and 'Capability to Live Unapologetically' - PEOPLE

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Simpson tells PEOPLE she chose not to ticker the Framing Britney Spears documentary, but shares that she's blessed Spears is receiving support

As she speaks to PEOPLE pursuing the merchandise of the paperback variation of her memoir Open Book successful this week's issue, Simpson, 40, says she had a akin "coming of age" communicative arsenic Spears, 39, and shares wherefore she admires her.

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"I honestly take not to ticker the documentary," she tells PEOPLE referring to the Framing Britney Spears unauthorized documentary. "I didn't privation to ticker and bring backmost immoderate of the acheronian pieces of my idiosyncratic coming of property successful the euphony business. I person worked done a batch and privation to support moving guardant successful my ain communicative connected my ain path."

"I respect her ambition, spot and the capableness to unrecorded unapologetically and authentically," she adds saying she's "happy that radical are supporting Britney."

Talking to PEOPLE astir immoderate of the diary entries she included with her memoir's caller version, the vocalist opened up astir the scrutiny she endured surrounding her weight.

"There is simply a fantastic question for assemblage positivity present and the effect to that information of my communicative has been overwhelmingly supportive," she says. "I don't deliberation radical ever realized that determination was a quality being, a beating bosom and moving eyes with existent feelings down those headlines and that words tin wounded and enactment with you for a lifetime."

"I spent truthful galore years beating myself up for an unrealistic assemblage modular that made maine consciousness similar a nonaccomplishment each of the time," she added. "I americium inactive a enactment successful advancement erstwhile it comes to self-criticism but present I person the tools to quiescent those voices successful my caput erstwhile they talk up."

In her book, the vocalist besides speaks connected the intersexual maltreatment she faced arsenic a child, but present reflects connected the "overwhelming" feeling of connecting with different survivors similar herself.

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"The feeling is overwhelming, beauteous and humbling each astatine once," she said. "I decided to constitute the publication hoping I could assistance idiosyncratic who feels overwhelmed by life, needing to work a mode done each the hidden places and not consciousness unsocial with their pain. It was written to the idiosyncratic who knows determination is much for them successful this life, but conscionable needs encouragement to get done it with compassion for the hard stuff."

"The idiosyncratic offerings of courage, resilience and anticipation that radical person entrusted maine with implicit the past twelvemonth person meant much to maine than they volition ever know," she continued. "The stories person reintroduced maine to my ambition arsenic a leader. The hearts and faces down those stories volition instrumentality with maine for the remainder of my life."

For much connected Jessica Simpson, and what she's learned by sharing her beingness story, prime up the latest contented of this week's PEOPLE, connected newsstands Friday.

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