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How Cicely Tyson 'Amplified' Her Role as Lenny Kravitz's Godmother After His Mother's Death - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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Celebrities honored Cicely Tyson erstwhile the legendary histrion died connected Jan. 28, 2021. Many manufacture heavyweights, including Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, and Viola Davis, paid tribute to their person and mentor via societal media. 

The time aft she died, Lenny Kravitz opened up astir his narration with Tyson. In an Instagram post, helium shared however she helped rise him aft his mother, Roxie Roker, died successful Dec. 1995. 

Cicely Tyson and Lenny Kravitz be  'The Butler' premiere.

Cicely Tyson and Lenny Kravitz astatine the premiere of ‘The Butler’|Daniel Zuchnik/FilmMagic

Cicely Tyson’s publication includes her narration with Lenny Kravitz

Tyson and Kravitz were adjacent passim the “American Woman” singer’s full life. During the 1970s and 1980s, the histrion lived successful New York, wherever she met different creatives. Soon, she and Roker became adjacent friends. Roker is champion known for her relation arsenic Helen Willis in The Jeffersons. On May 26, 1964, Roker and Sy Kravitz welcomed their lad into the world. The mates asked Tyson to beryllium Kravitz’s godmother, which she wholly took on.

“A Black queen who showed america however beauteous achromatic is,” Kravitz The emotion betwixt america was and is tremendous.  As agelong arsenic I person had consciousness, I’ve known Godmother.” 

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The How To Get Away with Murder alum arsenic gushed astir Kravitz successful her memoir, Just As I Am. In the book, she referred to him arsenic her “beloved godson.” She besides shared anecdotes of catching him successful the mediate of a signaling league with his ex-wife, Lisa Bonet. Shortly aft she died, Tyson’s manager, Larry Thompson, said successful a connection to Variety that the publication gave fans a accidental to larn astir the 96-year-old actor’s idiosyncratic life. 

“I person managed Miss Tyson’s vocation for implicit 40 years, and each twelvemonth was a privilege and blessing,” Thompson said. “Cicely thought of her caller memoir arsenic a Christmas histrion decorated with each the ornaments of her idiosyncratic and nonrecreational life,” helium continued. “Today, she placed the past ornament, a Star, connected apical of the tree.”

Lenny Kravitz said Cicely Tyson ‘amplified’ her relation arsenic his godmother

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Kravitz continued to constitute successful his Instagram tribute that Tyson and Roker remained “best friends” years aft his birth. He said the 2 actors were “kindred spirits” and often supported each other. When Roker died of bosom crab successful Dec. 1995, Kravitz said Tyson was close by his side. He besides noted that The Autobiography of Jane Pittman star “amplified” her godmother duties pursuing Roker’s death. 

“I perpetually felt her tone implicit me,” Kravitz wrote connected Instagram. “She ever gave maine unconditional support. She came to my shows, came implicit for holidays, met maine for dinners, stayed with maine successful Paris erstwhile I archetypal moved there, and ne'er fto maine excessively acold retired of her sight. 

“Our telephone calls went connected sometimes for hours,” helium continued. We spoke conscionable a fewer nights agone and talked astir everything.”

Did Lenny Kravitz cognize Cicely Tyson’s daughter, ‘Joan?’ 

Kravitz isn’t Tyson’s lone celebrated godson. In 2014, she became the godmother of Perry’s son, Aman Perry. She wrote successful her memoir that the 2 of them often played unneurotic erstwhile she visited Perry’s home. 

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As acold arsenic biologic children, Tyson had 1 girl with her ex-husband, Kenneth Franklin.  The Emmy victor discussed raising her girl successful Just As I Am. However, she decided to usage a pseudonym, “Joan,” to picture her child. 

Although those adjacent to Tyson, including Kravitz and Perry, knew Joan, the actor’s memoir is 1 of the lone traces of her daughter. Tyson explained successful her memoir that she wanted to protect Joan from the spotlight arsenic her vocation progressed.

“Joan felt, arsenic a child, that she had to stock maine with the world,” she wrote. “I springiness her now, successful adulthood, what my bosom has ever longed to bestow — my undivided focus, on with the afloat measurement of her privacy.” 

Tyson’s ceremonial took spot successful her hometown of Harlem, New York, connected Feb. 2, 2021. According to Billboard, Kravitz, who has a reported nett worth of $80 million, work a missive astatine his godmother’s memorial service. 

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