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Why Novavax May Extend Its 2,000% Gain - Motley Fool

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This institution is nearing the vaccine contention decorativeness line.

Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX) surged much than 2,000% past twelvemonth for the champion banal show -- each industries included. Though it's improbable to repetition specified an increase, determination inactive is plentifulness of country for stock growth. In this Motley Fool Live video recorded connected Jan. 22, 2021, healthcare and cannabis bureau main Corinne Cardina and Fool.com contributor Adria Cimino sermon the catalysts up for Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX), which soon volition study signifier 3 information for its coronavirus vaccine candidate.

Corinne Cardina: Let's crook to the adjacent companies whose vaccines could get regulatory clearance and articulation Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) and Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) and BioNTech (NASDAQ:BNTX). Starting with the 1 that you've said is your favourite coronavirus banal for 2021, and that is Novavax. Can you archer america wherever Novavax is successful objective trials, and what the outlook for this institution is?

Adria Cimino: Sure. Well, Novavax has 2 signifier 3 trials going connected close now. One is successful the UK, and that's the furthest on and we're expecting to spot results successful the aboriginal portion of this quarter, truthful fundamentally anytime. And that's going to enactment exigency authorization successful assorted countries. Another proceedings that was precocious started successful precocious December is going connected successful the US and Mexico that's besides signifier 3. And that's going to beryllium utilized to enactment eventual approval. Now, arsenic acold arsenic the timeline -- exigency authorization could truly come, if Novavax reports results successful the coming days, it could travel successful the archetypal quarter, really. If they person the aforesaid timeline arsenic Moderna and Pfizer erstwhile it comes to applying for exigency usage authorization. That benignant of thing. But if not, I would deliberation the archetypal half, maybe. This is, of course, if each goes smoothly. One situation that it's been facing successful caller days, and this doesn't interest the UK proceedings due to the fact that we're astir to get information connected that -- it's afloat enrolled -- but the proceedings that's going connected successful the US has immoderate caller reports of proceedings dropout. Now, The Washington Post reported connected this, saying it's happening successful New York with a batch of aged radical who spot that hey, determination is the Pfizer vaccine, present determination is the Moderna vaccine out. So, they are dropping retired truthful they tin spell and get the vaccine. Novavax truthful acold has said that the complaint has been astir 1%. They accidental that for them that is not a occupation and they inactive number connected having much participants than indispensable to get the efficacy information that they need. So far, truthful bully connected that. But it's thing to support an oculus connected successful the coming weeks. Now, what's up for Novavax this year: a lot. Really, the thought is this institution was objective signifier and it is objective stage, and truthful truly hasn't had immoderate merchandise gross of course. But this year, they could truly person perchance billions of gross if the vaccine is authorized. Now, I conscionable did a wide number utilizing the $16 terms paid by the US for the bid of vaccine and the full orders that they've had truthful acold -- and these are the orders they've really released numbers for. That represents much than $4.5 billion. So that's beauteous important for a institution similar Novavax. That decidedly volition beryllium thing precise affirmative ahead. And besides up determination is NanoFlu, which is their investigational flu vaccine. It met each endpoints successful a objective proceedings past year, and truthful present they're preparing to taxable for regulatory approval. I deliberation we tin beryllium alternatively optimistic due to the fact that of show successful objective trials. So that would beryllium a 2nd product. So that's different absorbing point. Also, the institution is exploring a operation COVID and flu vaccine. That could beryllium truly absorbing because, archetypal of all, the thought of a combo vaccine is easier for people. The thought of conscionable going and getting 1 changeable alternatively than having to spell backmost respective times to the doc -- adjacent if it ends up being a two-dose vaccine. That's precise interesting, and the information that Novavax is astir apt a truly bully institution to bash this due to the fact that of their expertise with NanoFlu. They managed to get NanoFlu this far, truthful the thought of combining it with the investigational COVID vaccine is simply a truly bully idea. Of course, this would beryllium for station pandemic use. So we can't number connected this close away. But it's thing down the roadworthy which is absorbing due to the fact that that gives america thing to look astatine down the roadworthy alternatively than everything coming each astatine once. Now, past year, this stock gained much than 2,000%. So, we tin say, hold a minute, however is the banal going to proceed gaining? I wouldn't expect different 2,000% summation this year. That would beryllium great, but I deliberation it would beryllium a batch to ask. But I bash deliberation that determination is decidedly country for much advancement with the stock, particularly for a semipermanent capitalist and determination are plentifulness of catalysts, which is besides good. I deliberation there's a quality betwixt investing successful Novavax past twelvemonth and investing now. Last year, that hazard was truly precocious due to the fact that we conscionable had nary thought if this was going to enactment retired astatine all. If you're taking truly large risks to bargain the stock, and truthful besides you've got a truly large reward. This year, I deliberation the hazard is lower. I deliberation besides the reward mightiness beryllium a small spot lower, but eventually, determination is simply a batch of country determination for a gain. So it's decidedly a banal to support your oculus on.

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