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Watchdog Probes Whether Justice Department Officials Tried to Alter 2020 Election Results - The Wall Street Journal

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The Justice Department’s inspector wide said Monday his bureau volition analyse whether section officials “engaged successful an improper attempt” to overturn President Biden’s triumph successful the 2020 election.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz said successful a connection that his bureau volition probe “whether immoderate erstwhile oregon existent DOJ authoritative engaged successful an improper effort to person DOJ question to change the result of the 2020 Presidential Election,” adding lone that the probe volition “encompass each allegations that whitethorn originate that are wrong the scope” of its jurisdiction.

Mr. Trump’s persistent efforts to impact the Justice Department successful his attempts to undo the result of the November predetermination failed owed to pushback from his ain appointees successful the department, radical acquainted with the substance person said. The efforts person drawn crisp rebuke from Democratic lawmakers, including Sen. Dick Durbin (D., Ill.), who announced Saturday that the Senate Judiciary Committee has initiated its ain reappraisal of Mr. Trump’s unit run astatine the Justice Department.

As portion of that effort, Mr. Trump explored a program to regenerate then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with different elder Justice Department official, Jeffrey Clark, an state who had expressed a willingness to usage the department’s powerfulness to assistance the erstwhile president proceed his unsuccessful ineligible battles contesting the predetermination results, radical acquainted with the substance said.

Mr. Clark, who was the Trump administration’s apical biology lawyer and besides the caput of the Justice Department’s civilian division, spoke with Mr. Trump much than erstwhile astir the matter, which the New York Times reported Friday. He has denied engagement successful a program to oust Mr. Rosen.

The Journal reported Saturday that Mr. Trump besides pushed the Justice Department to record a Supreme Court suit against 1 oregon much states successful an effort to invalidate Mr. Biden’s victory. His ain appointees, including Mr. Rosen, erstwhile Attorney General William Barr and erstwhile acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall, refused to record the Supreme Court case, concluding that determination was nary ground to situation the predetermination outcome, and that the national authorities had nary ineligible involvement successful whether Mr. Trump oregon Mr. Biden won the presidency, radical acquainted with the substance said.

The unit intensified aft a suit Texas filed successful the Supreme Court against 4 states that Mr. Biden won was dismissed connected Dec. 11, a erstwhile medication authoritative said. An extracurricular lawyer moving for Mr. Trump drafted a little that the then-president wanted the Justice Department to file, radical acquainted with the substance said, but officials refused.

The Wall Street Journal analyzed hours of video and audio from the Capitol riot to amended recognize however a mob of thousands overran constabulary and attacked the U.S. Capitol. Photo illustration: Laura Kammermann

Democrats connected Monday planned to present an impeachment nonfiction to the Senate, mounting successful question a proceedings adjacent period connected a complaint that Mr. Trump incited his followers to riot and onslaught the Capitol connected Jan. 6. Some of Mr. Trump’s efforts to overturn the predetermination anterior to the riot already are cited successful the impeachment article, which was drafted earlier the astir caller disclosures.

Documents that House Democrats compiled successful enactment of the impeachment did notation Mr. Trump’s efforts to unit officials successful Georgia, whom helium claimed weren’t doing capable to enactment his efforts to code his unproven claims of elector fraud successful that state.

Among them was Atlanta’s apical national prosecutor, whom the White House pressured to resign earlier Georgia’s Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections due to the fact that Mr. Trump claimed helium wasn’t doing capable to analyse his allegations, the Journal antecedently reported. That substance besides is nether probe by the department’s inspector general, a idiosyncratic with cognition of the probe said.

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