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Warriors vs. Suns is a battle of Steph Curry and Chris Paul - Golden State of Mind

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The Golden State Warriors person 10 wins. All 10 of those wins person travel arsenic portion of two-game winning streaks. There person been nary one-game winning streaks, and nary three-game winning streaks.

They’re presently connected a two-game winning streak, which means present is the clip to interruption the trend.

The deets

Who: Golden State Warriors (10-8) vs. Phoenix Suns (8-8)

When: 7:00 p.m. PT

Where: Phoenix Suns Arena, Phoenix, Arizona

TV: TNT (available connected fuboTV)

Projected starting lineups:

Warriors: Stephen Curry, Kelly Oubre Jr., Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, Kevon Looney
Suns: Chris Paul, Cameron Johnson (potentially Devin Booker if helium returns from injury), Mikal Bridges, Jae Crowder, Deandre Ayton

Last results:

Warriors: Beat the Timberwolves 123-111 — 3-2 successful their past 5 games
Suns: Lost to the Thunder 102-97 — 1-4 successful their past 5 games

The story

The Warriors whitethorn person a two-game winning streak, but it isn’t pretty. Both wins came against a Minnesota Timberwolves squad that has the worst nett standing successful the league, and was without Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell. And portion some wins were comfortable, neither were dominant.

Now they look a Suns squad that should beryllium good, but is besides reeling. Phoenix has mislaid 3 straight, and has gone 3-7 since starting the play 5-1. Among the teams who person bushed them: the Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington Wizards, and Detroit Pistons.

There’s a batch of firepower there, particularly if Devin Booker returns from the hamstring wounded that has kept him retired for 2 games. But there’s besides an opening for the Dubs to yet sensation the saccharine spirit of a three-game winning streak.

Players to watch:

Warrior to watch: James Wiseman.

Wiseman has looked beardown since moving to the bench, and his mentality has been spectacular.

James Wiseman says coming disconnected the seat has helped him due to the fact that helium gets to commencement by watching Kevon Looney: "I'm much effective, due to the fact that I'm conscionable studying Loon."

— Brady Klopfer (@BradyKlopferNBA) January 28, 2021

Wednesday night’s crippled mightiness person been Wiseman’s champion arsenic a pro, arsenic helium had a team-high 25 points successful 24 minutes connected 9-for-14 shooting with 2 blocks.

He’ll apt spot dense minutes against Deandre Ayton, who is disconnected to a beardown commencement this year.

Sun to watch: Mikal Bridges.

If you haven’t watched Bridges overmuch successful his abbreviated NBA career, past get acceptable for a amusive experience. He does a small spot of everything connected the court, plays with adjacent parts finesse and aggression, and is raining successful threes this year.

The third-year pro is the existent deal, and the Dubs volition person their hands afloat with him.

Matchup to watch: Steph Curry vs. Chris Paul.

Do I truly request to accidental more? They’re the 2 champion constituent guards of this generation, and each matchup betwixt the 2 is thrilling.

Keys to victory

  • Steph Curry and Draymond Green bounds the turnovers.
  • Put unit connected Chris Paul and unit the shot retired of his hands
  • Get astatine slightest 2 coagulated performances from Andrew Wiggins, Kelly Oubre Jr., James Wiseman, and Eric Paschall.
  • Bring archetypal 4th vigor aft traveling for a back-to-back.

Three-game winning streak? Why not.

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