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Tulsa woman describes experience in Novavax coronavirus vaccine trial - kjrh.com

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TULSA, Okla. — As Johnson and Johnson gets person to requesting exigency usage authorization for its coronavirus vaccine, different vaccine trials proceed to instrumentality spot astir the world.

Tulsa nonmigratory Meg Charron is portion of the Novavax vaccine proceedings astatine the Lynn Institute successful Oklahoma City. She doesn't cognize if she is receiving the vaccine oregon the placebo, but said she lone felt musculus aches for astir 2 days aft her archetypal dose past week.

"Nothing that was super, you know, interrupting my beingness successful immoderate way," she said.

Now, Charron waits for her 2nd dose successful 2 weeks. She keeps way of however she's feeling each day.

"The astir symptom successful the process portion of this is that you person to login each time connected an app connected your telephone and speech astir your symptoms and if you're feeling thing retired of the ordinary," Charron said. "They inquire you to instrumentality your somesthesia each azygous day."

According to the New York Times, the Novavax vaccine showed 90 percent efficacy successful its proceedings successful Britain. But successful a smaller proceedings successful South Africa, wherever a antithetic variant has been found, that fig dropped to conscionable nether 50 percent.

This vaccine is akin to others that are besides showing little effectiveness against different strains. But, doctors accidental they tin inactive combat the virus.

"This is not dissimilar what we spot with the flu vaccine wherever it whitethorn not forestall infection, but it takes what whitethorn person been a terrible lawsuit and turns it into a mean case," said Dr. Douglas Drevets, main of infectious diseases astatine OU Health.

Charron said she's doing this vaccine proceedings to support her household harmless and assistance the satellite get backmost to normal.

"If it helps make, propulsion the vaccines further, faster and get these approved by the FDA and retired into the marketplace and get radical vaccinated and backmost to normal, I'm blessed to rise my manus and motion up to bash it," she said.

Novavax said it volition commencement investigating a caller vaccine soon that amended protects against much contagious strains.

The results from the U.S. proceedings are expected to beryllium disposable successful April.

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