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UKRAINE - 2020/11/24: In this photograph illustration a aesculapian syringe and a vial depicting fake ... [+] coronavirus vaccine seen successful beforehand of Novavax US vaccine improvement institution logo. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Novavax’s (NASDAQ: NVAX) experimental Covid-19 changeable is being intimately watched, fixed immoderate promising early-stage information and the company’s determination to enactment up important manufacturing capacity. Here’s a speedy overview of what has been happening with Novavax banal successful caller weeks. Firstly, the institution is looking to rise arsenic overmuch arsenic $500 cardinal successful equity, successful a determination that should amended its liquidity presumption and assistance money its R&D spending. This is astir apt a astute move, arsenic Novavax banal is up astir 15x implicit the past 12 months, with its marketplace headdress lasting astatine astir $8 billion. Novavax besides has 3 efficacy/safety studies of its Covid-19 changeable underway successful the U.K, South Africa, and the U.S., with immoderate archetypal efficacy information expected to travel retired successful a fewer weeks. The institution could beryllium looking to hedge its presumption earlier the information readout. Separately, involvement successful the vaccine appears to beryllium increasing. Novavax has finalized an statement with the Canadian authorities to proviso arsenic galore arsenic 76 cardinal doses of its Covid-19 vaccine and determination person besides been reports that South Korea is successful talks to bargain astir 40 cardinal doses of the Novavax vaccine. Novavax banal has fared comparatively good twelvemonth to date, rising by astir 12% since the opening of January. See our indicative taxable of Covid-19 Vaccine stocks which includes U.S.-listed pharma and biotech companies. The taxable is up astir 3x implicit the past 2 years.

[1/4/2021] Why Did Novavax Stock Decline 20% In December?

Vaccine specializer Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) - which is seen arsenic a cardinal subordinate successful the Covid-19 vaccine abstraction - saw its banal terms diminution by astir 20% implicit December. Here are a fewer imaginable reasons for the decline.

Covid-19 vaccines by Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) and Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) received exigency support from the U.S. FDA successful December and inoculation drives person already begun successful the U.K and the U.S. with these countries looking to get their citizens vaccinated arsenic rapidly arsenic possible. For instance, the U.S. says that each American who wants a Covid-19 vaccine should person 1 by June. This apt means that request for the Novavax vaccine - which is lone apt to beryllium available, taxable to approval, successful Q1 2021 oregon aboriginal - volition beryllium somewhat constricted successful the country. While Novavax has proviso agreements with the U.S. and Australia, the institution mightiness not spot overmuch upside successful developed markets.

Novavax announced that it was commencing signifier 3 objective trials for its caller coronavirus vaccine successful the U.S. and Mexico past week. While this is bully news, considering that Novavax saw aggregate delays successful starting late-stage U.S. studies amid manufacturing challenges, determination are concerns whether the institution volition beryllium capable to conscionable its people of signing up 30k volunteers erstwhile determination are 2 highly effectual vaccines already disposable successful the market. For example, prospective volunteers mightiness beryllium acrophobic that they are fixed a placebo oregon that Novavax’s campaigner could beryllium little protective oregon adjacent if their engagement successful the proceedings could interaction their quality to instrumentality different vaccine.

See our indicative taxable connected Covid-19 Vaccine stocks for much details connected the show of cardinal U.S. based companies moving connected Covid-19 vaccines.

[Updated 12/23/2020] What Are The Risks For Novavax?

Vaccine specializer Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) has seen its banal terms soar by astir 25x twelvemonth to date. While portion of the gains were driven by encouraging results for signifier 3 trials of the company’s NanoFlu flu vaccine backmost successful March, a bulk of the terms appreciation is owed to the company’s improvement of a Covid-19 vaccine candidate. While we discussed immoderate of the merits of the Novavax vaccine successful our erstwhile update (see below), successful this note, we instrumentality a look astatine immoderate of the cardinal risks that it could face.

While Novavax entered the Covid vaccine contention successful the Spring, on with Moderna and Pfizer PFE /BioNtech who person present started rolling retired their vaccines, the institution has faced delays successful its timeline. The archetypal readouts from its signifier 3 trials are expected astir Q1 2021 - apt 1 4th down the beforehand runners. Only aft these results are disposable volition the institution beryllium capable to record for exigency support and rollout its vaccine. While this whitethorn not beryllium a large woody considering that there’s capable country for aggregate Covid vaccines, Novavax mightiness miss retired connected comparatively much lucrative orders from developed markets. For instance, the U.S. is present expected to summation its bid for Pfizer’s vaccine to different 100 cardinal doses.

Margins for the vaccine could besides beryllium a concern. Novavax’s vaccine is based connected subunits - fundamentally utilizing a fragment of the microorganism - and the manufacturing process is seemingly much analyzable compared to the method utilized successful messenger RNA vaccines including Moderna’s. This could perchance marque the Novavax vaccine much costly to manufacture. Based connected a proviso statement with the U.S. government, the Novavax vaccine volition beryllium priced astatine astir $16 per dose, beneath the $19.50 for Pfizer’s vaccine and arsenic overmuch arsenic $37 per dose for Moderna’s. The perchance much analyzable manufacturing process and little prices could mean that margins mightiness beryllium lower.

[Updated 12/2/2020] Does Novavax Covid Vaccine Still Matter?

Novavax (NASDAQ NDAQ : NVAX) banal saw immoderate volatility aft the institution said that it had rescheduled its Phase-3 objective proceedings successful the US, indicating that it could statesman successful the coming weeks, alternatively of starting successful November. This marks the 2nd clip that the institution has delayed its U.S. trials, amid immoderate challenges with scaling up production. While the institution presently has late-stage trials underway successful the U.K, with a readout expected successful Q1 2021, Novavax importantly trails frontrunners Pfizer and Moderna who person shown highly precocious efficacy rates of astir 95% and person already applied for exigency support with the U.S. FDA. Considering that the Novavax vaccine could beryllium astatine slightest 1 4th down the frontrunners, volition determination beryllium a spot successful the marketplace for the Novavax vaccine adjacent if it proves harmless and effectual and wins regulatory approval? We judge the reply is yes, for aggregate reasons.

While the Novavax vaccine mightiness get aboriginal than expected, it inactive holds promise. Firstly, based connected information from aboriginal trials determination are indicators that it mightiness beryllium highly effective. For example, the antibody responses for the Novavax vaccine were meaningfully stronger than different vaccines that person been reported astatine that time, per information from its Australian trials that were disposable successful August. [1] The vaccine should besides beryllium easier to distribute, arsenic it lone needs to beryllium stored astatine refrigerated temperatures, dissimilar Pfizer’s vaccine which needs to beryllium stored astatine ultra-cold temperatures. Novavax’s vaccine mightiness besides beryllium much reasonably priced. Based connected a proviso woody with the U.S. government, the vaccine’s terms is estimated to beryllium astir $16 per dose, compared to arsenic overmuch arsenic $37 per dose for Moderna’s vaccine and $19.50 for Pfizer’s. If each goes well, Novavax could besides standard up accumulation reasonably quickly. In September Novavax reached an statement with the Serum Institute of India, 1 of the largest vaccine manufacturers successful the world, boosting the company’s capableness to arsenic overmuch arsenic 2 cardinal doses a twelvemonth starting from mid-2021. [2]

Novavax’s vaccine could besides look fashionable successful debased and middle-income markets. While the Oxford-AstraZeneca’s vaccine - which is apt to beryllium priced astatine a fewer dollars per dose - is seen arsenic cardinal to warring the pandemic successful emerging markets, it present faces questions regarding the mode signifier 3 trials were handled, perchance resulting successful delays and apprehension among governments. This could marque the Novavax vaccine - which tin beryllium produced astatine standard and easy distributed - fashionable if the pricing is suitably adjusted.

[Updated 11/4/2020] Covid-19 Vaccine stocks

Our indicative taxable of Covid-19 Vaccine stocks – which includes a divers acceptable of U.S.-based pharma and biotech companies processing Covid vaccines – is up by astir 560% year-to-date, connected an arsenic weighted basis, compared to the S&P 500 which has gained conscionable astir 4% implicit the aforesaid period. While astir vaccine stocks declined past week, amid a broader sell-off successful the markets, they are apt to travel backmost into the spotlight arsenic efficacy information from late-stage trials is expected from frontrunners Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) and Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) successful the coming weeks. Below is simply a spot much connected the companies successful our taxable of Coronavirus Vaccine stocks and their comparative performance.

Novavax, a vaccine improvement company, began late-stage trials of its Covid vaccine successful the U.K successful September, and large-scale signifier 3 trials are owed to statesman successful the U.S. and Mexico this month. While the institution doesn’t person immoderate different products connected the marketplace yet, its flu vaccine NanoFlu could beryllium acceptable for imaginable FDA approval. The institution has received astir $1.6 cardinal successful backing from the Federal government. The banal has soared 2,000% year-to-date.


Moderna , a clinical-stage biotech company, is carrying retired signifier 3 trials of its Covid-19 vaccine, completing enrollment of 30,000 participants. The institution is apt to person information connected whether its vaccine works oregon not by this month, and has noted that it would question exigency support from the FDA if the vaccine is astatine slightest 70% effective. The banal is up 253% this year.

Johnson & Johnson JILL : Unlike astir different vaccine candidates, which are apt to necessitate 2 shots, J&J is targeting a single-dose vaccine. While the institution had to intermission trials successful mid-October aft an unwellness was reported successful a volunteer, the institution is present preparing to resume trials. The banal is down by -5.1% this year.

Pfizer is moving with German spouse BioNTech connected a Covid-19 vaccine. The institution is apt to person efficacy information from late-stage trials disposable shortly. The institution could proviso astir 40 cardinal doses successful the United States successful 2020 if the information is affirmative and regulators o.k. the vaccine. The banal is down by astir -7.6% this year.


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