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A Republican grandee pays court to Donald Trump - BBC News

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Jon Sopel
North America editor
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image captionKevin McCarthy (R) said Mr Trump would assistance with the party's 2022 legislature races

What - you thought Donald Trump would spell disconnected to Mar-a-Lago and lone interest himself with his play swing? That was ne'er going to happen.

And though we whitethorn not beryllium getting the hourly glimpse into immoderate is connected his mind, acknowledgment to the Twitter ban, this archetypal substantive connection from the erstwhile president, pursuing his gathering with the House of Representatives number Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, is reassuringly familiar.

But fto maine spool backmost precise quickly. This is going to beryllium the speedy one-minute recap that you get connected aboriginal episodes of a TV container set.

McCarthy had been a cheerleader for Trump. Always supportive; ever riding to his side. But then, aft the storming of the Capitol connected 6 January, the astir elder Republican congressman went his ain mode and said this: "The president bears work for Wednesday's onslaught connected Congress by mob rioters. He should person instantly denounced the mob erstwhile helium saw what was unfolding."

So far, truthful brave. But past McCarthy feels the icy blowback from the Trump base, and from the erstwhile president himself who was enraged. McCarthy past says Donald Trump can't beryllium blamed, and his fast-changing investigation settles connected the somewhat ludicrous instrumentality - each Americans were liable for the riot that near 5 dead. Which is beauteous overmuch the same, if you deliberation astir it, arsenic saying no-one was responsible.

All of which brings america to today. It looks similar congressman McCarthy went to buss the king's ring, seeking forgiveness and absolution for the momentary lapse.

But much importantly, if you work the connection enactment retired by Trump it shows that the erstwhile president inactive believes helium is the Republican party's kingmaker; the powerhouse that ambitious GOP wannabes request to crook the genu to.

The archetypal par of the connection issued by Trump's bureau says this: "The gathering betwixt President Donald J Trump and House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy astatine Mar-a-Lago successful Palm Beach, Florida, was a precise bully and cordial one. They discussed galore topics, fig 1 of which was taking backmost the House successful 2022. President Trump's popularity has ne'er been stronger than it is today, and his endorsement means much than possibly immoderate endorsement astatine immoderate time."

Do you spot what I mean astir the code being reassuringly familiar? I mean, adjacent your eyes and you could astir ideate it was written by Mr Trump himself - adjacent though it is successful the 3rd idiosyncratic singular. And permission speech the assertion that his popularity has ne'er been stronger - tin anyone constituent maine to the polling grounds that substantiates that?

media captionHow did Republicans support Trump - and who voted to impeach?

The ex-president whitethorn person mislaid power, but helium is determined to support his grip connected the Republican party. In essence he's saying, if you privation to triumph backmost the House from Democratic power successful November 2022, you request maine connected side. Because I tin make hellhole if I'm not.

And though you support proceeding from elder Republicans that they would similar to escaped themselves of their turbulent erstwhile president, Kevin McCarthy alternatively abjectly prostrating himself astatine the ft of the exiled king's throne, suggests helium believes helium needs the imprimatur of Donald Trump.

And the erstwhile president volition person conscionable loved the optics of today.

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